The beginnings of the menagerie.

This is the post excerpt.


For our first project we were tasked with the choice between creating an anonymous space or a menagerie character cast. While I loved the prospect of screenshoting my web browser and calling it a day, I chose the menagerie.

As with all things creative, combinations is the only way we can create something new and interesting (we hope) and this is just that.


The image above is an example character of what I would be doing, but without context it just looks like a generic pompadour flying bad boy right out of 50’s America or 80’s japan.

So I like video games. I know, what a taboo. I was recently trying out a new game to fill myself and some friends time over winter break (that would be FFXIV, or final fantasy 14) and it had a pompadour! It is one of the only games outside of something like Yakuza (a single player role playing game set in 1980-1990’s japan) to have a proper pompadour. Admittedly it is more of my good friends prefered hairstyle than my own, but it was just too funny not to have our crew of four delve the deepest dungeons all wearing a large springy pompadours. In short (or long I suppose) is my idea. Illustrating the traditional five-man dungeoneering squad as silly haired bad boys.

Some inspirations would be:

( Redline )

Redline is a pretty cool movie about racing, big hair, and some other not important stuff. It’s a callback movie to the old days of animating, having every frame hand animated, making it a somewhat notorious movie for having an insane production length but incredible results. Read more with the link above!


( World of Warcraft )

This is a personal screenshot of mine of when my group all made pandarians at the launch of the pandaria expasion a few years ago. Fun fact- we deleted all of these guys!



Not a screenshot of mine, but a good representation of what I was talking about. Can’t get the boys together for a proper portrait of our group! The game itself is fun, but kind of long winded at the start. The leveling is not very streamlined and it is kind of unfamiliar making it even slower. The smaller groups are nice though, no need to gather fifteen men to take on raid encounters, only eight!

Image result for TF2

( TF2 )


A game that I played at the professional level, but never took anywhere out of bordem for the metagame. If you were to pick it up now expect to be outclassed and confused. I took inspiration from the class designs and from the class cooperation aspect.

( I have no proper source other than this, its just an infamous picture )

This is the best example I could think of when I stared to consider this project. Big hair, lots of leather, and a friendly cohesion.

Thank you for reading!

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