Week 5: The Final


The Final.

So, for recap- my assigned project was to create a menagerie of characters. I started thinking about what I would want to do, and I thought it might be fun to play with the concept of a adventuring group and make a funny cover image for a game that doesn’t exist.

I got the idea originally from when I played FFXIV with my friends over the winter break and we all decided to choose the pompadour hairstyle and act like 50’s thugs. Over the five weeks of our project I have been logging my endeavors to push the designs of the characters and make them into a believable squad of adventurers. I have gone in-depth into my decisions on the background, character costumes, characteristics, roles of each character, and my inspirations for each step.

However, many of my classmates were confused at some of the fluff. Fluff, sometimes called flavor, is a general term that’s used among many tabletop games and gamers in substitution for “lore”. Whatever you call it, story is in many games superficial and is used to help guide players in the right manner of thinking. When I did these posts I had no intention of making my own fiction for my illustration to follow, I didn’t really think it needed some story to why these characters are in a fantastical situation. Nevertheless here is the fluff that is so strongly desired, and presented in a way that would be on the back of a game’s manual:

pompback pompside pompcover

And below is something I forgot to do last week, a color pallet for each finished character design, with the colors ordered by use.



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