Project 2 Proposal

I would like to propose the creation of a small grid based combat game. It would be 2-4 players, and each player would control 1-4 pieces.

This would entale:

  1. The design and balance of a few basic game mechanics.

I’m currently thinking about using a simple 3 attribute system (Body, Mind, Speed) and building mechanics to reduce and increase these via weapons and armor. The goal would be to reduce the body or mind of the opponent(s) to zero. If we have enough time I would also like the to incorporate arena events that would play to certain mechanics over others (Weather, NPCs, etc).

  1. The creation of weapons and armor that work with the mechanics.

I would like to accomplish the creation of at least 15 of each (30 total) with specific rules and regulations. For an example a spear would have increased range over a sword, but has a hard time dealing with heavier armor.

  1. The design and layout for a small 2-4 page rulebook.

Pretty self explanatory- you need something to reference the rules from.

  1. The illustration of 2-3 arena layouts.

Being a hex based game mostly about combat, we would want more than one space to have players interact with. Another thing to do if time allows would be the creation of a ruleset for the generation of arenas.

  1. Generic token creation.

Having a visual depiction of your character on the grid is important. These will just be portraits, a minimum of 6.

  1. Package design.

How the game is presented to a potential player as well as making sure the pieces can be cut out and assembled.

  1. And finally- adding a fitting setting and lore to the world.

This is one of the first and last things of the project to do. It’s important to stay on theme for the weapons and armor but it is also important to not let the theme ultimately “rule the rules”.


Above is my scheduled plan for the work and what teams need to get done what over the 5 weeks.


And this is the flow chart for team communications. It uses the same colors as the graph to designate teams. The teams are comprised of these members (with team leaders in bold) with 11 roles total:

Production Manager and Blogger

Director and Lead Game Designer

Assistant Designer/Writer

Art Director, Art Team Leader



Design Team Leader

Graphic Designer

Package Designer

Head of Editorial, Documentary Team Leader



I would be the Director/Lead Game Designer, but all other roles I leave up to whoever wants them. I want all of the production team to stay in communication while reporting to the Blogger, aka the Production Manager, for easy documentation and collecting and distributing work.


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