Project 2: Wrap up.


So our project is done, Fist of the Falling Phoenix is finished.

So what did I exactly do?

I created all of the assets for both of the blogs we had. Logos, backgrounds, layout selection, color schemes, accounts and emails, all of the text, and some of the images. I also did a character design, making my own character to appear in the film.


We ended up needing to switch over halfway through to a new blog, allowing the documentarian to more easily post images and help edit posts. Lastly I also did the color scripts for our posters and advertising.

Most of the actual production I just had input on the script, helped organize the scenes, and helped early on with documentarian stuff- taking pictures and BTS video(behind the scenes).

My role in the film was cut early in production to conserve time, as well as all of the scenes I had BTS photos of. It made it a lot harder to get photos and information from the shoots on the blog now that I wasn’t in any of the filming. That’s when we switched over the documentarian to help edit the blog and provide me with the BTS photos I needed for posts. So I recreated the blog and set up a joint account between me and the documentarian. I would write the posts, she would provide me with imagery and video clips.

That’s when I also moved to trying to help the advertising team, giving them a color script to follow that was OK’ed by the director, allowing them to just think about rendering and composition rather than the setting and theming. I also ended up doing a finished and rendered poster at the request of my director.


I also did most of the information editing for the blog, deciding what was important enough to go on it and was was superfluous. Most of my stuff did not appear on the group blog because I wasn’t important enough to the production. You also didn’t see the license of the guy who salted the roads so we could drive to locations.

Clouding the blog with useless information to the reader just makes it more demanding and imposing to read- the less text the better. No one needed to know I made a design for a cut character in the film, nor did they even need to know that the film had to be trimmed into a 3rd of its original length. They need to know that filming is proceeding on schedule (even if the schedule has changed), and that we are still working on assets.

I am a firm believer in milestones and achievements, not information dumping.

The final video will be on .


Moving forward into our next project cycle, our class will be doing a creative habit project. I have no idea what that means. So look forward to that.


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