The creative habit. Post one.

At the time of writing this I was working on a side project of mine in the afternoon. Usually I do this to procrastinate before I start cleaning or doing homework. As the soundtrack I was listening to died off I thought it would be a good time to take a break. As I was searching my kitchen for something simple to cook I starting thinking about this project: the creative habit.

As I was cooking I let my mind wander about possible things to do, and by the time I was done I decided to stop work on my side project and get into my homework for the night. I sat for a while, drawing on a pad thinking about what I could do- I could draw movie stars in different roles, I could draw a environment a day from some of the random photos I’ve taken of cool natural compositions, maybe I could even just use this as an excuse to work on my side projects during class time.

Then I thought about websites I like, and one specifically came to mind. Behind the name. It’s a name generator site I was told about by a friend who works as a professional dungeon master. It can generate basically any type of name, sorted by culture and gender, and also gives you the definition and background to the name as well.

So I thought “why not do portraits of some of these names?”. So that’s my creative habit project. I’m going to do a random name a day and do a portrait of them.


Here’s a loose charcoal portrait of a man with the name Trahaearn Ephraim, who is very much like iron and is fruitful in his efforts.


Or one in a more liner pencil style, Gunnbjörg Rut, a female friend in war.



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