So this is the first week our class has had to do our creative habit.

As a reminder I chose to do portraits of names and to use the meaning and cultural background of those names to think of the faces. I have not used any reference beyond the names, and if you want to look up the names yourself or look up your own name check out Its also a super useful resource if your writing fiction to get good and accurate names for your stories.

The first of six this week is Vid Vitus. This was a strange name to get first in the week as it is basically the same name twice but from two different places in the world. One is Hungarian and the other is Romain. But they both losely connect to the ancient Romain word for life and also was the name of a saint. So with the double life and saintly nature I though of a gentle old man.


Next is Edgard Kishan. Edgard is the french form of Edgar, and loosely means money and spear, or a wealthy weapon. Kishan is a Hindu/Indian name that is linked to the words black and dark. So dark, wealth, weapon, I though of some sort of mobster, gangster, yakuza, the like.


The first female name I got was Budur Antigone. Budur is an Arabic name that means full moon. Antigone is part of a Greek legend and loosely means against birth, so I wanted to portray a women who is independent and strong like in the myth but carry some of the Arabic heritage with that.


Next we have Alim Iva. Alim is a Arabic mans name that means scholar, expert; and Iva is a Macedonian/Bulgarian name that means willow tree. So I wanted a smart man, maybe deep in his studies, that seemed weathered with age like a grown tree.


Ranj Ofra is up next. Ranj is an Indian name that means delighted and happy while Ofra is related to a biblical name Ophrah witch means fawn. So I wanted a younger man (because Ranj is masculine) that looked happy and carefree as a fawn would be.


Last but not least we have Fiera Chae-Won. Fiera, a feminine Esperanto name for proud, and Chae-Won, a Korean name that loosely means source hunter or a collector of origins. So I wanted a Korean girl that looked proud to do what she does, but a hairstyle that says librarian or writer.


And that’s it for this week. All of these were done with compressed charcoal on a brown sketch pad with some white compressed charcoal for accents and or color variations.

Here are all the images again for easy viewing:




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