The creative habit. Week three.

Last week during my class critique it was noticed by a few of my classmates, and myself after seeing them all lined up, that all of the faces shared a similar bottom lip and nose bridge.

So this week I tried to focus on diversifying my facial anatomy and make sure to change parts of the face as well as the angle of the portrait. I have 5 that are worth showing this week.

As a reminder my creative habit is to take 5-7 randomly generated names a week and do portraits based off of the names alone. I use the website for the names and the history behind the names to more accurately portray the people in the portraits. My portraits are created with black and white compressed charcoal on a mid tone thick paper.

Fist we have Valérian Rudolf. Valérian is actually a really cool name that means strength and fame. It just sounds good to say. And Rudolf means lone wolf or loner, like the reindeer. Both names have Russian roots so I wanted to show someone that has worked the land and has built an empire by himself with his bare hands. I thought of farmers, weathered men who wake early and enjoy relative success.


Ennis Dragutin is up next. Ennis is an Irish name while Dragutin is Slavic. It loosely means the precious town put together, being that Ennis is like my name in the fact its the same as a towns name or one to two letters off at least and Dragutin means valuable or precious. So I thought of someone who cares for a town or community but has a distinct Irish background- town criers came to mind. More English than specifically Irish but its something unique to the area. So I drew a man that looks like he might belong in the 1200’s-1600’s when town criers were a main source of town gossip and information.


Mina Jaya is a feminine Indian name that means victorious fish, or valuable fish, etc. This was a harder name to imagine a face for. I never have really thought of India for having anything to do with fish in particular, but I can only think of a story a friend told me about them going to a fish market in Abu Dhabi. Even though Abu Dhabi is in the UAA and not adjacent to India/Pakistan they do share the Arabian Sea and would probably have the same type of fish. Anyway, I drew a women who might work near the sea.


Next is Maylis Esther, a feminine french name. Maylis means both mother and lily while Esther is the name of a Greek goddess and can also mean star. So I though french actress. Long hair, fair features, etc. Not much more about this one, it was one of the more simple ones this week.


Last but not least is Cierra Dorota, a Spanish name for either a boy or a girl. Cierra, a different spelling of Sierra meaning mountains with sharp peaks, and Dorota which is a different form of Dorothea meaning a gift from god. If you have the same weird brain associations I have then you also though “park ranger”. I did a women just because I drew four men and only two women this week, so I thought it would be better for it to be closer to equal. Whenever I think park ranger, this is always one of the first faces I think of.


And that’s it for this week. Next week Ill try to have seven good drawings to show. See you then.

Again for presentation, here are the images in a grid:


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