The creative habit. Week four.

Going into this fourth week I was concerned that my ability to make up faces was going to be somewhat limited with the final weeks of the semester coming in fast. I think the names really carried me this week, as I felt my drawing skills were lacking- I felt like I had the largest amount of unsuccessful portraits yet, at least to my eyes. Anyway, as a reminder I am doing portraits solely based on the randomly generated names given to me by . I have six portraits to share with some pretty cool names.

I feel like I’m repeating myself with these introductions, but here comes the first portrait of Sieghard Adamic. Sieghard is a german name that means victory, bravery, and strength. Adamic is a Croatian name that means the son of Adam, as in biblical Adam; the ideas of the creation of man and so forth. I wanted to create someone who looks like they have drive, but also a biblical hairstyle.


Second we have Matteo Causey. Matteo Causey is an italian-american name, Matteo being the Italian for of Matthew (meaning the gift of god) and Causey which is an appropriated french word for someone who lives near a causeway. Nothing about these names are strictly interesting or weird, but I really enjoy this name. I can clearly visualize a face, and I get a real sense of their environment when I picture them. So nothing special about my thought process for this one, it’s just what I think this person looks like.


Third is Venkata Coburn. This is a funny name, it basically means “a sacred hill in Cockburn”, a town in Berwickshire. I could only think of how in small town communities it’s not uncommon to be born, live, and die in the same place. So I wanted to show someone who was older that looked like they were set in their ways. Like an old bearded man sitting on his porch kind of look.


Fourth is Petra Ekaterina. It’s a pretty name to say, and also is a very plane name- just a feminine Russian form of Peter Katherine. Both Peter and Katherine are basic christian names related to some biblical stories or saints. But a simplistic beauty lies within the name, and that is what I wanted to capture.


Fifth is Aldwin Walsh. Aldwin is a German name that means old friend, while Walsh is anglo-saxon name meaning foreigner or stranger. I got a pretty good idea of what I wanted Aldwin to look like, it’s another one of the names this week that I can’t explain exactly why I knew. I think I wanted to portray someone who believes in you, but also looks like they want something from you. Kind of like the insurance salesman in Groundhog Day.


The sixth and final portrait is Henrietta Liu. Henrietta when boiled down is a derivative of Henry, a name of kings; while Liu is a Chinese name that means kill and destroy. I also thought about how Henrietta is a long and beautiful name, but it can’t be shorted without losing that weird elegance it has. It would just turn into Henry, Etti, Gretti, or something. So my goal was to make a woman who looks like they are in the military.


Here’s the image set for easy presentation:

That’s it for this week, see ya.


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