The creative habit. Week five. The recap.


As the last week of this semester winds down I finally have finished the last of my portraits.

Overall I liked the creative habit, it was a good way to experiment with my creative writing and illustrations combined. Through my process I found a few favorites in no particular order:


Alim Iva. I really think this is one of the closest to coming to what I saw in my head for a name.

Alim is a Arabic mans name that means scholar, expert; and Iva is a Macedonian/Bulgarian name that means willow tree. So I wanted a smart man, maybe deep in his studies, that seemed weathered with age like a grown tree.


Mina Jaya. This one I think is one of my more technically sound drawings. It doesn’t look as flat as some of the others do.

Mina Jaya is a feminine Indian name that means victorious fish, or valuable fish, etc. This was a harder name to imagine a face for. I never have really thought of India for having anything to do with fish in particular, but I can only think of a story a friend told me about them going to a fish market in Abu Dhabi. Even though Abu Dhabi is in the UAA and not adjacent to India/Pakistan they do share the Arabian Sea and would probably have the same type of fish. Anyway, I drew a women who might work near the sea.


Maylis Esther. Again, I thought this one came closest to what I imagined in my head.

A Feminine french name. Maylis means both mother and lily while Esther is the name of a Greek goddess and can also mean star. So I though french actress. Long hair, fair features, etc. Not much more about this one, it was one of the more simple ones this week.


Sieghard Adamic. It came out great. Its not that flat and it looks like what I picture in my head when I hear Sieghard Adamic.

Sieghard is a german name that means victory, bravery, and strength. Adamic is a Croatian name that means the son of Adam, as in biblical Adam; the ideas of the creation of man and so forth. I wanted to create someone who looks like they have drive, but also a biblical hairstyle.


And Petra Ekaterina. I really like the pose and the depth this one has. Good one all around.

It’s a pretty name to say, and also is a very plane name- just a feminine Russian form of Peter Katherine. Both Peter and Katherine are basic christian names related to some biblical stories or saints. But a simplistic beauty lies within the name, and that is what I wanted to capture.

And here are my 5 new ones, grid view first this:


Eoghan Baldarich. Eoghan means of the yew tree in Irish. Baldarich is a German name that means powerful and brave.So I instantly thought of the hippy movement and the music that sourrunded it. So I drew someone that I think would sing in a funky/psychedelic band.


Evgenia Cornell. Evgenia is a feminine name that derives from Eugenia, a saint in the 3rd century who disguised herself as a man. Cornell is a masculine name that is a form of Cornelius which means horns, but also refers to a old Roman story about a centurion. I thought that it would be fitting to have a short haired women.


Brenden Lorette. Brendon is an Irish name that means prince, and Lorette is a French name that refers to laurel trees.  This name is super plain, so I could only think of someone who is generic.


Corin Hosanna. Corin is a masculine French name that means spear, and Hosanna is a biblical name that means to deliver. So: deliver the spear. Kinda cool if you ask me. I thought of a weathered Frenchman who still wants to grow his hair long despite the fact he’s balding. Someone who has delivered many spears I guess.


Ingvild Sanjeev. Ingvild is a feminine name that means battle in old Norse. And Sanjeev is a name that means living or reviving. So I though of Nordic seiðkona/völva. Basically seiðkona are fortune tellers, described as seers, knowers, wand carriers etc. and they were mostly older women. Warriors often went to these women to get their fortunes read before battle or before their child were born, so the name fits pretty well.


Will I keep this habit? No. This was entirely experimental for me. I actually have a creative habit already… somewhat. From what was discussed a creative habit is defined by the daily process of doing something for the sake of improvement alone, not for any sort of final product. So I work on a game in my spare time. Like, almost 3 hours every day at this point; during the summer I want to bump it up to 6, but we’ll see. Sometimes it’s more time, sometimes it’s less. But overall its for a goal- to actually release it (and use it for my thesis project if I can). But it’s also just because I genuinely enjoy making games and want to get better at it. The first thing you make is never the best thing you’ll make, so I want to just make something. For reference the rulebook will be about 90-120 pages at this point, but with actual layouts it might double. It’s a pen and paper RPG, so lots of rules and a big list of creatures to fight.

BUT that doesn’t fit into the definition of the creative habit we had for our class, so I made a new one. It also would be hard to blog about. From what I’ve learned from some industry friends that have done the same kind of thing- talking about progress is hard. Do I say “Hey guys! I finished the rules for poisons! Here’s how they work!” what would that even mean out of context? It would just be gibberish; as well as it really is not interesting to display and discuss nitty-gritty system intricacies with people who have NO idea what I’m talking about. It would seem condescending to just shout proper nouns and technobabble at people.

“Hey guys! Sword Master level 3 spells seemed too good when using the vengeance birthright, so I have increased the cost from 3mp to 7mp on Ravage and have increased the charge time of Colossal Swing by 1d4 turns and decreased the damage from 1d10+Xd10 charged turns to 2d10+xd4 charged turns. With this I hope to keep this on par with the Warden in terms of damage output. I’m using the Warden as a measurement because…”

Whats a Sword Master? Spells? Warden? What the hell does 1d10 or 7mp mean? Even familiarity with the genre wouldn’t help you fall into the middle of a conversation like this. Also that could be a real change, none of that is fake or made up. I do think vengeance gives too many benefits and I’m struggling to balance it.

I got a bit off track, anyway.

I think this project was fun as a whole. It was cool that it’s so open.

Thanks for reading, and see ya sometime.


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